​​​​​​​​​​The Pay Equity Office​ promotes gender economic equality by enforcing pay equity rights and obligations through effective case and complaint management to ensure compliance with the Pay Equity Act.​ It promotes awareness to advance economic equality for Ontario's working women, and it advances research on the gender wage gap.

An Employer, current or former employees, or a bargaining agent acting on behalf of employee(s) may complain at any time that there has been a contravention of the Act or of an Order issued by the Pay Equity Office or the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal.​​
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Pay Equity vs. Employment Standards
Pay Equity vs. Employment Standards​

Are you sure your complaint is based on equal pay for work of equal value, or is it where men and women do the same work? This factsheet will show you the difference. 

​​​ E-Learning Modules
Gui​des and E-tools

​A Guide to determining your pay ​equity requirements. These modules will guide you on how to compare jobs and prepare your own pay equity plan. 

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Need more assistance on pay equity? Unsure that you have a complaint? Contact us.​ 

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