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The Commissioner

​​​​​​Emanuela Heyninck

Commissioner – Ontario Pay Equity Commission


Emanuela Heyninck was appointed head of the Pay Equity Commission for Ontario in November of 2004 and is in her third term.  Before joining the Commission, Ms. Heyninck was a lawyer in London, Ontario, practicing in the areas of civil litigation, family and administrative law.  She has served on a number of Boards,  most recently as President of the Society of Ontario Adjudicators and Regulators.  Ms. Heyninck is a graduate of McMaster University and received her law degree from the University of Windsor.

In April 2015, the Commissioner was one of four people appointed by the Ontario government to the Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee.  The Committee released its final report in August of 2016 with 20 recommendations for action by government, business and civil society to close the gender wage gap.

The Commissioner's expenses are posted regularly pursuant to the Public Posting of Expense Information Guideline (March 17, 2015) by Treasury Board Secretariat.

Expense Report