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The Pay Equity Commission

​​​​​​​​​​​​The Pay Equity Commission (PEC) is composed of two separate and distinct bodies; the Pay Equity Office (PEO) and the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (PEHT). The Pay Equity Office​​ is responsible for enforcing the Pay Equity Act. The Pay Equity Office investigates, attempts to settle, and resolves pay equity complaints and objections to pay equity plans by Order or Notice of Decision. The Pay Equity Office also provides programs and services to help people understand and comply with the Pay Equity Act. The Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal is responsible for adjudicating disputes that arise under the Pay Equity Act. ​The Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal has exclusive jurisdiction to determine all questions of fact or law that arise in any matter before it. The decisions of the Tribunal are final and conclusive for all purposes. ​

What We Do

​​​​The Commission promotes gender economic equality by enforcing pay equity rights and obligations through effective case and complaint management; understanding gender wage gap through research; and promoting awareness to advance economic equality for Ontario's working women.​ Learn more about what we do. 


Fairness– We demonstrate integrity by providing equitable and impartial enforcement actions.

Accountability– We accept responsibility for our activities and disclose the results in a transparent manner.

Service Excellence– We strive to provide outstanding and responsive service.

Impact– We influence, educate, and enforce to achieve and maintain pay equity in Ontario workplaces.

Connect– We connect and advance women's compensation issues by building effective partnerships with diverse stakeholders and communities.

PEO Legal Ma​ndate

The Pay Equity Commission (PEC) was established by section 27 of the Pay Equity Act, 1987, S.O. 1987.c.34 (the Act) and is continued by subsection 27(1) of the Act, R.S.O. , 1990, c.P.7 as amended (the Act). The Commission consists of two separate and independent parts: the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (PEHT), and the Pay Equity Office.

The Commissioner is the head of the PEO and the Chief Administrative Officer of the PEC, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on the recommendation of the Minister. The Chair of the PEHT is responsible for the PEHT's administration.

The Minister of Labour is accountable to the government for the PEC and is responsible for representing the PEC in Cabinet and its Committees, in the Legislative Assembly and before Committees of the Legislature. The Minister is accountable to the Legislature for the PEC's fulfillment of its mandate and compliance with government administrative policies. The Minister is also responsible for the review and approval of the PEC's Business Plan and Annual Report, and for submitting them to Management Board of Cabinet.

The Pay Equity Office achieves its mandate through:

  • Conducting education and outreach;
  • Investigating and resolving complaints through alternative dispute resolution methods, or issuing Orders for compliance;
  • Referring Orders to the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal(the Tribunal) for enforcement;
  • Monitoring establishments for compliance with the provisions of the Act;
  • Researching and disseminating information about pay equity and Ontario's gender wage gaps to the public and workplace parties;
  • Preparing reports and recommendations to the Minister about pay equity and related matters.

​​Review Services a​nd Monitoring

Review Officers investigate complaints alleging contraventions of the Act and assist the workplace parties in attempting to settle the issues which can arise during the implementation and achievement of pay equity. This approach is consistent with the intent of the Act that the pay equity process be "self-managed".

In cases where Review Officers are unable to effect a settlement between the workplace parties, Review Officers will issue Orders. Any party affected by a Review Officer's decision may request a hearing before the Tribunal. Review Officers may also refer an Order to the Tribunal for enforcement where a party fails to comply with the provisions of the Order within the prescribed timeframes.

Outreach and Education

Communicating the purpose and obligations of the Pay Equity Act is a cornerstone function of the Pay Equity Office. The PEO utilizes various channels of communication to inform to employers, bargaining agents, employees and interested parties on the implementation and maintenance of pay equity.

The PEO has a self-serve website that has guides, tools and 24/7 e-learning modules to provide site visitors with the information that they need. The PEO continues to leverage service delivery options throughout government.​

​This website contains information that is related to the mandate and operations of the Pay Equity Office only.​​​​​