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The Pay Equity Commission

The Commission promotes gender economic equality by enforcing pay equity rights and obligations through effective case and complaint management; understanding gender wage gap through research; and promoting awareness to advance economic equality for Ontario's working women.

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The Pay Equity Act

​​​In 1987, the Ontario government passed the Pay Equity Act. The purpose of the law is to redress systemic gender ​​discrimination in compensation for work performed by employees in female job classes. A female job class must receive compensation that is at least equal to the compensation that is paid to a male job class of equal or comparable value.

The Commissioner

The Commissioner is the head of the Pay Equity Office and the Chief Administrative Officer of the Pay Equity Commission.


​Pay Equity vs. Equal Pay

Pay Equity is equal pay for work of equal value.

Equal Pay for Equal Work addresses situations in which men and women do the same work.

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Annual Reports

Governance Publications​​​​​​​​​


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