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Making a Complaint Under The Pay Equity Act

Making a Complaint Under The Pay Equity Act

Includes a list that sets out the types of matters that are commonly investigated by the Pay Equity Office. These grounds are only applicable where the employee is/was employed by public sector organization that was in existence in 1987 or 1993 OR is/was employed by a private sector organization that have 100 or more employees as of 1987.

Who Can File An Application?

1. An Employer

2. An Employee/ former employee or group of employees/former employees or an agent acting on behalf of employee (s)

3. A Bargaining Agent representing an employee or group of employees


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How to File An Application

Employees can object to a plan or bring a complaint by calling the office or downloading and completing an application form and forwarding it by mail to The Pay Equity Office.

​What to Expect

​Upon receipt of an application, the Pay Equity Office will send the applicant a letter confirming receipt and advising of the assigned file number. 

While there is no typical time frame​​ to resolve the case, applications may take up to 24 months to resolve.

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