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Making a Complaint Under the Pay Equity Act

What is a Complaint under the Pay Equity Act?


A complaint under the Pay Equity Act is an allegation that one or more provisions of the Act have been violated.

Who Can File An Application?

1. An Employer

2. An Employee/ former employee or group of employees/former employees or an agent acting on behalf of employee (s)

3. A Bargaining Agent representing an employee or group of employees


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How to File An Application

Any employee or employer can file a complaint, or "Application", with the Pay Equity Office if they believe the Pay Equity Act has been contravened. Upon receipt of a completed Application for Review Services, the Pay Equity Office will assign a Review Officer to conduct an investigation.

​What to Expect

​Upon receipt of an application, the Pay Equity Office will send the applicant a letter confirming receipt and advising of the assigned file number. 

While there is no typical time frame​​ to resolve the case, applications may take up to 24 months to resolve.

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