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Making a Complaint Under The Pay Equity Act

​To make a complaint under the Pay Equity Act, the Application Form must be completed fully and accurately. 

Some examples of complaints are:  

  • pay equity was not done in the workplace as set out in the Pay Equity Act
  • pay equity was not implemented in the workplace
  • pay equity is not being maintained in the workplace
  • that the employee has been fired, coerced, penalized or harassed because of pay equity
  • that there has been a contravention of the Pay Equity Act or of an order made by the Pay Equity Office or Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal
  • *there are objections to the posted pay equity plan or amended pay equity plan
  • *the pay equity plan or amended pay equity plan affecting the employee's job does not comply with the Pay Equity Act
  • *the pay equity plan or amended pay equity plan is not being carried out according to its terms
  • *that changes in the workplace are such that the pay equity plan or amended pay equity plan is no longer appropriate for the bargaining unit or for the workplace

This list sets out the types of allegations that are commonly investigated by the Pay Equity Office.

*These grounds are only applicable where the employee is/was employed by public sector organization that was in existence in 1987 or 1993 OR is/was employed by a private sector organization that have 100 or more employees as of 1987. There are time limits set out in the law for the filing of objections to a pay equity plan or an amended pay equity plan.

The Pay Equity Office has produced this brochure to explain pay equity. Printed copies can be requested by contacting

Pay Equity for Employees: Advancing Women's Economic Equality