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What to Expect

The Pay Equity Office begins the investigation process upon receipt of a completed application. A letter is sent to the applicant confirming receipt of application, the name of the Review Officer assigned to the case file and advising of the assigned file number. The applicant is encouraged to provide as much information as possible when filing the application.
The Review Officer will contact the applicant or specified agent to discuss the information provided and explain the process of the investigation.

Will the Employer be notified that an application has been filed?

The employer is notified when a Review Officer commences the investigation. The employer will be advised who filed the application unless the applicant specifically requests to remain anonymous and assigns an agent to act on the applicant's behalf.

Request to Employers

The Review Officer will require the employer to post a Notice of Requirement to Achieve and Maintain Pay Equity in the workplace to advise employees that an investigation is taking place.  The employer is requested to complete and return to the Pay Equity Office a Certificate of Posting to confirm this was done.

In addition, the employer is requested to provide:

  1. The legal name of the employer and date the organization started operations in Ontario
  2. The total number of employees and locations in Ontario, including a list of all staff with titles and job classes
  3. A listing of all job classes, including the male and female comparators and their job evaluation and job rates, the job evaluation tool used and any maintenance efforts
  4. A copy of the organization's recent payroll records for all current and former employees
  5. A copy of the bargaining agent's collective agreement (if applicable).

How Long Will it Take to Resolve the Case?

Resolution depends on many factors, including how complicated the issues are, whether there are others who have filed similar applications, and how much time has passed since the contravention occurred. While there is no typical time frame, applications may take up to 24 months to resolve.