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Pay Equity Monitoring Programs

Pay Equity Monitoring Programs

The Pay Equity Office may engage with employers for a proactive review to ensure compliance with the Pay Equity Act. In these instances, the Review Officer will work with an employer to offer compliance assistance. The purpose of this type of proactive review is meant to encourage employers to assess their current compensation practices to ensure employees are being valued fairly. The Office will also conduct a full review following the resolution of a complaint investigation where the Review Officer found that pay equity was not achieved or maintained.


Summaries of Past Monitoring Programs

The Public Sector Monitoring Program 2018  

The New Employer Monitoring Program 2018 

The Wage Gap Monitoring Program 2018 

2011 Gender Wage Gap Pilot Program 

Proxy Use and Outcomes in the Broader Public Sector 2009/2010 

The Service Industry Monitoring Program 2007-2010