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Responding to a Pay Equity Complaint

The employer is notified by a Review Officer in writing when an application has been filed to the Pay Equity Office alleging that the employer is not in compliance with the Pay Equity Act.

The employer is provided with the name and contact information of the Review Officer who is conducting the investigation and a case file number. The employer is requested to:

Post a Notice of Requirement to Achieve and Maintain Pay Equity in a prominent location in the workplace.

Complete and return the Certificate of Posting to the Review Officer.

Upon request, the employer must provide the Review Officer with the following information:

  1. The legal name of the employer
  2. The total number of employees and locations in Ontario, including a list of all staff with job titles and the gender of each incumbent (including full-time, part-time, contract and management and executive staff.
  3. A list of all male and female job classes, including the male comparators, job values and job rates; or a listing of all jobs, gender of incumbent and pay rate.
  4. A copy of any collective agreements (if applicable).
  5. A contact name of the employer.

After reviewing the submitted information, the Review Officer will contact the employer contact and advise of next steps in the investigation process and many request additional information.

Although the timeline may vary for each investigation, complaint investigations are generally resolved within 24 months. 

The Review Officer will issue either a Notice of Decision or an Order once the investigation is concluded and a summary of the investigation and finding will be posted on the Pay Equity Office website under Decisions.