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Employer Responsibilities

All employers are required to show that pay equity has been achieved and maintained in their workplace. To meet the minimum requirements of the Act, all employers must carry out the following activities for each of their establishments:

  • Determine job classes, including gender and job rate of job classes.
  • Determine the value of job classes based on legislative requirements of skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions using a gender neutral comparison tool.
  • Conduct job comparison for all female job classes using job-to-job and/or proportional value method of comparison.
  • Identify and adjust the compensation of underpaid female job classes so that they are paid at least as much as an equal or comparable male job class or classes. All retroactive payment must include interest.
  • Provide payroll summary and proof of payment as required.

When an Employer receives a letter from the Pay Equity Office or a telephone call from a Review Officer, the Employer is required to submit key information (including information listed above). Failure to comply with information requests may result in the issuance of Orders and the file may be referred to the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal for enforcement.

If, after an appropriately thorough review, there is no pay equity wage gap, the file will be closed.

The closing of the file does not prevent current or former employees from filing a complaint or preclude an investigation in the future. The Pay Equity Office will investigate any complaint regarding the achievement or maintenance of pay equity.

Once pay equity is achieved in the workplace, employers are required to maintain pay equity such that employees in female job classes are continued to be paid at least equal to comparable male job class or classes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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