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E-Learning Modules: Pay Equity for Small Businesses

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The materials on this page are targeted to small private se​​ctor empl​​oyers.

These modules will help employers determine their pay equity requirements and show how to compare jobs for pay equity.

TIP: Complete al​​l the modules before you start using the Job Comparison​ Tool.

Accessibility Instructions for E-learning Modules​

​​​To navigate the modules using the keyboard:

1. Use the Tab key to move from one function to the next on the accessible toolbar below the module.
2. The active function will be highlighted in red. Once highlighted, press the Enter key to activate or deactivate the function selected.
3. To turn the volume up or down, use the Tab key to navigate to the volume control and then use the Up (or right) arrow to increase the volume, or use the Down (or left) arrow to decrease the volume.

Using the Close Captioning Function

To view the closed captioning, hover the Mouse over the blue CC icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the module.

Each Module Will Open In A New Window.​

E-learning Modules​

Are You Covered? Transcript
Introduction to Pay Equity Transcript
Employer Information​​ Transcript
Job Classes Transcript
Gender Neutrality Transcript
Understanding Job Comparison Transcript
Flexible System Transcript
Adding Points to the System Transcript
Collecting Job Information Transcript
Valuing Jobs Transcript
Finding Comparators Transcript
Proportional Value Transcript
Adjusting Compensation Transcript
Communicating Pay Equity and Handling Complaints  Transcript
Maintaining Pay Equity Transcript​​
​ ​​​