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Module 10: Valuing Jobs



Welcome to the e-learning program of Ontario's Pay Equity Commission.

This module is on Valuing Jobs

In this module, you will learn about reviewing job classes by sub-factor and assigning a level appropriate to each sub-factor.

In this step of the pay equity comparison process, you will review each job class by sub-factor and assign levels to each sub-factor based on the job information collected from questionnaires, interviews and job information statements. The level you select for each sub-factor will translate into points.

It is a best practice to review all the jobs in your organization one sub-factor at a time.

You may evaluate jobs yourself or you may involve someone else to help at this step. It can be useful to discuss your ideas and decisions about job classes with someone else who knows the workplace or the jobs being evaluated. Some employers engage a small committee at this step of the process.

When evaluating job classes, you will need the job information and job class rating sheets for each job classes, as well as the definitions and level descriptions for the sub-factors that make up your job comparison system.

If you are using the Flexible Factor System, the job class rating sheet is embedded in the interactive job comparison tool.

When you are evaluating jobs, do all the jobs one sub-factor at a time.

Start by choosing the sub-factor that you will use first. Then, read its definition.

Locate all the information that relates to that sub-factor in your questionnaires, interview responses or job descriptions.

Next, read the level descriptions for the sub-factor and decide which level fits the job best.

Finally, record your rating decision on the worksheet or within the interactive job comparison tool if you are using the Flexible Factor System. Repeat these steps for each of your job classes.

On the next slide, you will practice job evaluation by looking at a sample job description and determining which level best describes the sub-factor selected.

To complete this exercise, you will need to download a sample job description, a job class rating sheet and a document which contains sub-factors, levels and definitions. You can download these documents by clicking on the links.

Read the sample job description for marketing coordinator, then read the definition for the sub-factor communications skills.

Locate the information in the job description that relates to the communications skills used in the job.

Now, read the level definitions for the sub-factor communications skills. Decide which level of communications skills you would assign to this job class. Write down the level you have chosen and the reasons for your choice.

Working through sub-factor by sub-factor, assign levels to each job class.

In the next module, you will determine comparable job classes.

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