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Module 12: Proportional Value



Welcome to the e-learning program of Ontario's Pay Equity Commission.

This module: Proportional Value

In this module, you will learn about the Proportional Value (PV) method used to determine adjustments for any unmatched female job classes.

Throughout this module, we will refer to Proportional Value as PV.

The Proportional Value method must be used for any female job classes for which there are no male job classes close enough in value to be comparators.

Unmatched female job classes are compared to a representative group of male job classes. The most common method of doing this is through a pay equity job rate line, such as the line shown in this example.

In this module, we will show you a job rate line with female and male job classes plotted on a graph.

The interactive job comparison tool will calculate the PV adjustments for you. However you won't see the graph or the plotting results. Instead, the form will guide you through the process of inputting the necessary data and will perform the mathematical calculations to produce your PV results.

You may also use the Regression Tool Calculator available on the Pay Equity Commission's website. Click the link to access this tool.

The representative group of male job classes is plotted on a graph based on the point value and job rate for each male job class.

A line can be drawn to show how the representative group of male job classes is paid based on their value.

Female job classes are also plotted on a graph based on their point value and job rate.

If a female job class falls below the rate line, employers are required to increase the job rate.

The difference between the job rate for the female job class and the amount predicted by the job rate line, is the proportional value adjustment required.

In this example, the current job rate is $14.00 and the job rate on the line is $15.00.

Therefore, the PV adjustment is $1.00.

Female job classes that are above the line are already paid fairly based on their value and do not require an adjustment.

The interactive worksheet will calculate Proportional Value adjustments for any female job classes that remain unmatched after banding.

It will guide you in the selection of your representative male job class group and will provide checks so you can get the best possible PV results.

In the next module, you will learn about adjusting compensation.

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