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Module 15: Maintaining Pay Equity


Welcome to the e-learning program of Ontario's Pay Equity Commission.

This module: Maintaining Pay Equity

In this module, you will learn about the basic tools used to maintain pay equity.

Why do you need to maintain pay equity?

Pay equity is not meant to be a one-time effort. The Pay Equity Act requires employers to have practices or systems in place that will maintain pay equity once they have established it.

Changes in your organization that may have an impact on pay equity include: the creation of new jobs, reorganization, restructuring and changes to existing jobs or job rates.

There are several tools to help you maintain pay equity in your workplace.

Maintenance Tool 1 – Maintain your job comparison results.

If you identified female job classes that were comparable in value to male job classes, ensure that they continue to be paid equally for as long as they are equal in value.

Maintenance Tool 2 – The job evaluation and job comparison system that you developed to establish pay equity is a useful tool in maintaining pay equity.

Make sure your system continues to be appropriate to your workplace and remains gender neutral. You may also use it to evaluate new job classes and changes to job classes.

Be consistent in your approach, as you were when you established pay equity. For instance, if you used a committee then, it would be a good idea to continue to use a committee.

Maintenance Tool 3 – A structured compensation system means that fairness and consistency are practiced in salary administration.

Your compensation system should be applied in a gender neutral way and be used when you evaluate new job classes or changes to existing job classes. It helps to communicate the details of your compensation system clearly and concisely to all your employees.

Maintenance tool 4 is all about timeframes – deciding when you will deal with changes to job classes. Will you do this as the changes occur, or at regular intervals? That is, dealing with all changes that have occurred within a set time period, for instance, once or twice a year.

Maintenance tool 5 is a very important one. Keep a record of the job evaluations from your initial comparison process. These records will help you apply the system consistently over time.

It is also important to maintain your records on an ongoing basis. Updated records will help you demonstrate to your employees, or a review officer, that you are meeting the requirements for maintaining pay equity.

And finally, maintenance tool 6 – tell your employees that you are maintaining pay equity. This message, that you are paying all your employees fairly, is a positive one.

Maintaining pay equity will ensure that:

  • You are fair to your employees
  • You are ready to deal with complaints
  • You fairly demonstrate the value of jobs through an equitable pay system, and
  • You can demonstrate pay equity if you are audited

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this program and you are now able to achieve pay equity!

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