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Pay Equity Webinars

​​​The Pay Equity Office offers free webinar training sessions on the general requirements of the Pay Equity Act, as well as workshops to help you evaluate jobs and apply the methods of comparison.

These sessions are delivered via webinar, thereby helping clients who cannot travel, still access interactive training on pay equity. Please ensure that you have computer and internet access as we will be using an online tool.

Workshops for Women

​ The Pay Equity Office and the Business and Professional Women's Clubs of Ontario have partnered to produce a self-directed group workshop entitled: ​

You are Worth it: Compensation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them  [PDF  394 Ko ]. 

The purpose of this workshop is to educate women about the existence of discriminatory compensation practices in the workplace, examine the personal economic consequences of such discrimination and explore some strategies to minimize the effects of these practices.

Interested groups may request that the workshop be facilitated by contacting the Pay Equity Office at to the attention of the Commissioner. ​