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Guides and E-tools

​​​​​​A Guide to Ontario's Pay Equity Act

This Guide gives an overview of the minimum requirements of the Pay Equity Act as interpreted by the Pay Equity Office. The interpretations are drawn from our own experiences and by applying the key rulings of the Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal and the courts and is current to the date ​of publication. ​​​​

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Step by Step to Pay Equity

​​Pay Equity Mini-Kit: This Kit sets out the basic steps for achieving pay equity under the Act for private sector employers.

Interactive Job Comparison Tool For Small Businesses​​: This tool is for small business employers using the Job-to-Job and Proportional Value Comparison methods​

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Regression Analysis Overview

​​​​This overview on Proportional Value and regression analysis will help you gain a better understanding of how an organization like Space Toy Co. would have adjusted female job rates for Proportional Value if needed.​

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