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A Short Biography

​​​​The Space Toy Co. manufactures miniature and mid-size space and galactic toys for the 4-12 year-old market. This small Ontario-based company has production facilities in Belleville, Kingston and Sarnia, as well as in Drummondville, Quebec.

Who's​​ covered

The Pay Equity Act covers all Ontario employees of this employer only. Employees in the province of Quebec are covered by that province's pay equity legislation.


The Space Toy Co.'s Head Office is located on Dundas St. West in Toronto. Two small plants in Belleville and Kingston have been in operation for 15 years. There is also a separate 10-person office in downtown Kingston. Sarnia's state-of-the-art facility utilizes high-tech digital processes and has an active e-commerce department.


All of Space Toy Co.'s locations were in different regional municipalities. Space Toy Co. could have chosen to make each location into a single establishment or combined some or all of them together. Space Toy Co. decided that there would be three establishments: Toronto; Belleville/Kingston; and Sarnia. These establishments proceeded separately to provide for pay equity for their employees. The job classes and job evaluation process contained in this overview and in the complete case study is for the workers at Space Toy Co.'s Toronto Head Office only.

The futur​​e

Plans are underway to open a new plant in Windsor in 2005. Space Toy Co. knows pay equity will have to be put in place immediately for those employees. Pay equity implementation and maintenance plans are underway for this future facility.

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