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The List of Female and Male Job Classes

​​​​Space Toy Co. (STC) grouped their positions into job classes​​, according to how many men and women were, or had been in these jobs. They also checked to see if stereotyping applied.

The chart below contains Space Toy Co.'s positions as they were grouped into female and male job classes:

Chart # 1

Female and Male Job Classes at Space Toy Co.

Job ClassesGender
General ManagerM
Marketing DirectorM
Sales ManagerM
Administration ManagerF
Accounting ManagerF
Global Markets SpecialistF
Digital Markets SpecialistF
;Sales RepresentativeM
Customer Service SupervisorF
Financial AnalystM
Service/Systems TechnicianM
Administrative AssistantF
Customer Service ClerkF
Accounting ClerkF

Compa​​ring jobs

The next step in the process was to directly compare jobs using the Job-to-Job method. The Space Toy Co.'s Pay Equity Committee opted to use a "banding" method of comparison, with results shown in the table below.

Female jobs wi​​​th comparators

The chart below shows the female job classes that achieved pay equity under the Job-to-Job approach. The chart also contains the male job comparators and job rates.

Chart # 2

Female Job Classes with Comparators and Job Rates

Female Job ClassesJob RateMale Job ComparatorsJob Rate
625-699 Administration Manager (630)30.00Sales Manager (647)31.00 *
625-699 Accounting Manager (625)29.00Sales Manager (647)31.00 *
550-624 Global Markets Specialist (575)25.00Accountant (592) Sales Representative(561)28.00 26.00 *
550-624 Digital Markets Specialist (575)25.00Accountant (592)Sales Representative(561)28.00 26.00 *
475-549 Customer Service Supv. (542)22.00Financial Analyst(540)24.00 *
400-474 Administrative Assistant (456)19.00Service/Systems Technician(458)21.00 *
400-474 Secretary(430)17.00Service/Systems Technician (458)21.00 *

*male job comparator

Female jobs without c​​​omparators

The list below shows the female job classes without male job comparators, that must achieve pay equity using PV, as required by the Act:

Chart # 3

Female Job Classes Without Comparators

Female Job ClassesJob RateMale Job ComparatorsJob Rate
325-399* Customer Service Clerk(391)16.00none 
325-399 * Accounting Clerk (330) 15.00none 
250-324* Receptionist/Typist (282)14.00none 

You may wish to review the definition of job class from the Space Toy Co. case study before you move on to the next page, which introduces pay equity's second method of comparison, proportional value.

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