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Deadlines for Proportional Value

​​​​​​​Implementation S​​chedule for Proportional Value

The Act required private sector employers to implement Proportional Value (PV) according to the following schedule:

Chart # 4

Proportional Value Method -- Public Sector

Employer SizePosting DateRetroactive DateFirst AdjustmentAchievement Date
All sizesJan. 1st/94Jan. 1st/93Jan. 1st/94no later than Jan. 1st/98

Chart # 5

Proportional Value Method -- Private Sector (based on average number of employees in 1987)

Employer Size​Posting DateRetroactive DateFirst AdjustmentAchievement Date
500 or moreJan. 1st/94Jan. 1st/93Jan. 1st/94  n/a
100 to 499Jan. 1st/94Jan. 1st/93Jan. 1st/94n/a*
50 to 99Jan. 1st/94Jan. 1st/93Jan. 1st/94*n/a**
10 to 49Jan. 1st/94Jan. 1st/94Jan. 1st/94**n/a***

* Space Toy Co.'s compliance date** Private sector employers with 50 to 99 employees who chose not to post a plan must achieve pay equity using the Proportional Value method by July 1st, 1993. Adjustments are retroactive to July 1st, 1993.*** Private sector employers with 10 to 49 employees who chose not to post a plan must achieve pay equity by January 1st, 1994.

Steps to Prop​ortional ​V​alue

To achieve pay equity using Proportional Value, Space Toy Co. followed the steps listed on the next page.

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