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Representative Group of Male Job Classes:

​​​Space Toy Co. began its Proportional Value process by identifying the unmatched female job classes under the Job-to-Job method, then choosing a representative group of male job classes and determining a pay pattern for these male jobs.

The unmatched ​female job classes

These are the unmatched female job classes that require Proportional Value:

Chart #6

Unmatched Female Job ClassesValue (points)Job Rate
Customer Service Clerk39117.00
Accounting Clerk33016.00

The representative​ group of male job classes

A representative group of male jobs should include those male job classes with job values closest to the unmatched female job classes. However, where there are few male job classes in an establishment, it may be necessary to include all male job classes in that representative group.

Because pay policies tend to be very different for professional and executive level jobs than for clerical or staff level jobs, it may be inappropriate to include male job classes whose job values are very different from those of the unmatched female job classes.

Space Toy Co.'s Pay Equity Committee plotted the male job classes on a graph and performed calculations to identify the group of jobs that would yield the best pay pattern result for the unmatched female job classes. The committee concluded that the following male job classes would form the best representative group.

Chart #7

Representative Male Job ClassesValue (points)Job Rate
Sales Representative56126.00
Financial Analyst54024.00
Service/Systems Technician45821.00

Drawing a job rate line​ free-hand

The Committee used the above male job values and job rates to draw a pay line using the free-hand method. The free-hand calculation is shown on the next page.

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